LAX = PATIENCE / by Colin Bykowski

There may be no better place on earth to practice patience than flying in an out of LAX airport.  Having just spent he last week in Los Angeles you realize how many people live in such a small area.  I am writing this post to remind ourselves how patience can be such a valuable lesson for the golf course.  When you are battling long lines, waiting for baggage, shuttles, sitting in traffic, waiting to get on a plane plus plus plus... you MUST use patience and you must practice how to handle it.  When you are out on the golf course and the tee sheet is running 15 minutes behind, there is a three group wait on the the 2nd tee, the round is over and you are waiting around for the results or you are stuck in the middle of a 5 hour + round you must use the same skills to stay calm, breathe, relax and just witness the NOW of every moment.  So the next time your are waiting in a 10 person line at Starbucks or stuck in traffic, practice staying calm and just witness the moment (sometimes a little laughter even helps!).  During your next round of golf bring this same attitude and calmness out to the course and if you find yourself in one of the above examples stay calm, breathe and witness this NOW moment.  I guarantee this will lower your scores for years to come!