My Story / by Colin Bykowski

"An old pro told me that originality does not consist of saying what has never been said before; it consists of saying what you have to say that you know to be truth."

- Harvey Penick "Little Red Book"

So the story begins...  An average 14 year old kid spending most of my time mountain biking and listening to gansta rap.  We had just moved back to British Columbia from Ontario just outside of the city of Vancouver.  Growing up in a middle class household, we moved directly across the street from the local public golf course, The Tsawwassen Golf & Country Club.

I can remember the day perfectly, it was a beautiful summer day.  Having nothing exciting to do I was messing around in the garage and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glance of my father's golf clubs.  They were old Wilson Staff Blades, Wilson Laminated Maple Woods, a Ping Anser Putter and hideous green golf bag that was full of orange Titleist DT golf balls.  It was in that moment that I would play golf for the rest of my life.  I went back into the house and asked my mother for $5 so I could head over to the driving range.  Clubs in check, cash flow in the pocket, I was off to go whack some golf balls.  

I have never spent another moment of my life not thinking, studying, feeling, breathing, sleeping or playing the game of golf.  Golf has allowed me to travel the world, play and teach professionally, learn life's lessons, cry with joy, cry with sadness and return to where it all began.  I love this game!