Golf Mental

What are the mental skills? by Colin Bykowski

I am currently reading "The Champion's Mind - How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive" by Jim Afremow, PhD.  In his book in the second chapter he defines the mental skills as:


GOAL SETTING - Think It, Then Ink It

MENTAL IMAGERY - Visualize to Actualize

SELF TALK - Feed the Good Wolf

CONFIDENCE - Flex Your Confidence Muscle

FOCUS - A Champion Is a Now-ist

BREATH CONTROL - Breathe Life into Your Performance

MENTAL TOUGHNESS - Build Your Inner Strength Bank Account

ANXIETY MANAGEMENT - Go From Panicky to Pumped

ENJOYMENT - Humour Is the Best Sports Medicine

BODY LANGUAGE - Make a Golden Impression

INTENSITY - Own Your Zone

PERSONAL AFFIRMATION WORK - Power Phrases for Becoming a Champion


I feel all of these are truly necessary for success and we all have many ways to practice these each and every moment.  I highly recommend you pick up this book and add it to your library.